Why are We Here

Many children are faced with the challenges of living in dual households. It’s a juggling act of items between both parent’s homes. As the children get involved in extra curricular activities it becomes difficult to keep accurate schedules. In addition, the situation only worsen if the parents struggle to move past their relationship inequities to effectively co-parent. The good news is with the right attitude and hyper focus on the children, it can be done. Stay tuned as we share situations with suggestions on how to handle it the best way possible. This site is intended to help parents focus on their child(ren) and offer support to those that can relate to our situation.


2 thoughts on “Why are We Here

  1. Haven’t heard from you in awhile. Your blogs make me feel better about my situation. What advice can you give me to help my kids understand how their other parents actions are hurting them?

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    1. What advice? I have sought counsel from a multitude of influences in my life and everyone keeps reinforcing my belief that as the girls get older and wiser, they will know what he is doing. The impact of his actions will be far reaching. Take this last Father’s Day…

      We had a scheduled mediation with the Ex. It just so happened to occur in the middle of our family vacation and Father’s Day. In our agreement, he can elect to take Father’s Day or July 4th provided I don’t have plans and he gives a 90 day notice. Mere weeks before our departure, he sends me a message of his intention to spend Father’s Day with the girls…which many would be surprised, I also considered to be important. The offer I made was for Saturday evening to Monday. He demanded the entire weekend. I offered again Sunday to spend with the girls. He declined it demanding the entire weekend. So…he got nothing – a phone call which is his normal MO. Only because we were local did he find it important to spend Father’s Day. He is an all or nothing kind of man.

      I finally reached the point of no compromise. A wise man said to me recently, “A duck doesn’t worry about the rain. It just turns its back and let’s it roll off.” That’s what I am doing now. I am done letting my kindness used as a weakness. I am on the offense.


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