The Hangover

Like the feeling when you drink too much and don’t alternate water with your alcohol, now comes the hangover. Follow up conversations with Mom went about how I expected – schizophrenic. The agreements made yesterday in our impromptu meeting seemed to have slipped her mind. That’s curious given the email and text reminders with the itemized lists of commitments.
What set in overnight was likely a similar feeling of buyer’s remorse. I can’t speak for the madness that occupies her mind, but in her alternate reality she believes the words that were spoken by the Child were an attack on her. Instead of focusing on the wishes and articulate words spoken by the Child, a real cry for change, she is consumed by trying to spin the words and suggest there are different interpretations of the facts. I maintain there is only one version of the facts.

When those facts work in her favor, she is steadfast in her opinion and righteousness. However, when the facts don’t work in her favor, she is indignant to the reality that leads to her letting her emotions cloud her judgments.

Fast forward to the evening that was likely to involve lengthy discussions between her and the Child…or so I thought. As we met at the school for a function, the Child sauntered into the school and said, “Mom is going to take me to GameStop after this to buy me a PS4.”

Wow. The classic old adage of buying the affections of a child rather than face the music. Shameful. The funny part (not ha ha funny) is while exciting to get a new gaming system, it doesn’t address the primary concern by the Child which was to spend more quality time with Mom. Call me a pessimist, but I doubt there will be marathon sessions of Call Of Duty in her future. When we shared the happenings of the day with another, the first and only comment was, “You know what that is about, right?” Now, typically this type of cynicism resides in someone with a lot of life experience. However, in this case, it was another child with eyes wide open.

I reiterated this morning during the “spirited” conversation with Mom we need to focus our attention on the children and change our current state of discourse. I will honor my commitments, but I have little faith she will. For now, my concern remains with the Child’s state of mind. The concern could drive a person to drink…bottoms up!


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