Just Another Day in Paradise

So…the drama continues. The Child from my original post once again reaffirmed the request to live with Dad full-time. Not only did the a child reaffirm, but took the added steps to look up the state statute to learn and validate the age of consent to make this decision. Despite what Mom (ex) believes, this decision is solely the decision of the Child.

Mom continues to demonstrate behavior that alienates herself from the kids. They request certain accommodations for their happiness, living situation aside, and she underwhelms. In the past, I have been accused of influencing their wishes and requests. To avoid misinterpretation, the children are doing so directly and she STILL doesn’t change!!
I shared Mom (ex) was going to buy the Child’s affections earlier this week. I was pleased to hear she didn’t but those good tidings quickly changed when I learned the following:

Me: “Didn’t your Mom get you a PS4?”

Child: “No. Mom said she would consider buying it for me if we traded on the Xbox One and the difference was $30.”

Me: “So what happened?”

Child: “The store was going to give us $250 for the trade. The PS4 was $350. Because it was over $30, Mom didn’t buy it.”

Me: “Didn’t you pay for the Xbox One. $400? That being the case, your mom is asking you to pay $70 and she will chip in $30?”

Child: “Yes.”

So follow my math-

  • Child paid $400 originally for Xbox
  • Trade is now $250
  • New PS4 is $350
  • Amount due $100
  • Mom agreement – $30
  • Difference – $70

So, disappointed, the Child left. His allowance annually is $325+. Mom’s salary is six figures. While I don’t think she should have offered to buy the Child’s affections. If you do, the Child’s happiness is worth more than $100.

Which leads me and the Child to believe she never intended to get it in the 1st place. The struggles continue and my offers of help and support continued to be rebuffed.


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