Unaccompanied Minor 

Unaccompanied Minor is becoming more common these days. Can someone please tell the airlines? You’d think the spike in service related revenue they’d know. We had a smooth morning for the most part. We had the kids fed, clean, and packed. I knew exactly where to park to get us closest to the ticket counter and gate.

Security knows to send us through as priority because of the special circumstances. However, the AA ticket counter. Where do we go again? She says, “down to the other end, stand and wait for the counter agents”. Ok, here we go. Now we are told, “go to the middle and wait for the counter agent”. Ok, moving on. “Oh ma’am you need to get back behind the line, wait and fill out these forms first”.
Now 20 minutes and counting I hurry to fill out the forms with thoughts of concern the airline is using carbon copies for the information. Why isn’t this information electronically filled out at the booking of the flights? I finish. I attempt to get the attention of the greeting attendant to allow me to enter the line. Ok, now we wait again. Finally we get called by an attendant. I quickly learned typing for an AA airline ticket counter agent is not a requirement. The actual name of the person on the badge isn’t a requirement either, as the name showing was “Loren”.

The name of the person is Hoxie. He typed with one finger. You’d think after 30 minutes together, I’d know more about him. I tried to stay as quiet as possible for him to concentrate in hopes to expedite the process. By the time he was done with the tickets, we ran to the gate and missed the flight. The only flight available is the next day and same flight number.

I fly often. I find as an American Airlines Priority Member without paying to be accompanied on a flight, I get better, and faster service. If I am paying $150+ each way for my girls to be tagged as unaccompanied minors on a direct flight with no additional benefits, I expect more!

As it turns out the Father was unavailable to pick my girls up unbeknownst to me and my girls. I get a call from a frantic babysitter looking for my girls. She had the e-tickets for the girls. She went to the ticket counter, confirmed the girls are on flight, received a security pass to go to the arriving gate. She’s told the girls are flying with an adult. She waits and waits. Well, not only are they not on the flight, but the babysitter is not listed on the carbon copies. The girls would’ve been back on a plane to Arizona. American Airlines’ carbon copy system doesn’t allow the person sending the child on the flight to confirm the recipient of the children. What a mess!


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