Oh Hell No!

So it’s been a week or more since my last post. I can honestly say things haven’t gotten worse with Mom (ex). In fact, to her credit, she has honored some of what she agreed to 2 months ago. 
However, with every one step forward it seems like it’s two steps backwards. The Child still wants to live with me full-time but he is giving her every opportunity to make amends. He is “eyes wide open” in a sense. 
For the past 2 weekends, Mom (ex) has attempted to make plans with the kids on my weekends. She will call the kids and say things like, ” Maybe we can do something fun this weekend?” Uh…hello!! Don’t you want to talk to me first before you set a child’s expectation to do something? I gave her feedback. Please don’t make plans with the kids before talking to me first. Not doing so puts me in a positions to look like the “bad guy” when I have to say no because we already have plans!! 
For two weeks, in a row, she has made plans with the oldest daughter. I was flexible and allowed it the first weekend (do t get me started on that one). But the second weekend – oh hell No!!
She got my pressure up… 



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