Take Two and Call Me in the Morning


This friggin’ DUDE!  So we go court and get the Judge’s directive to provide my proposal on summer timesharing. As the Judge ends the hearing, he says to my ex, 

“So given she has traveled here from AZ, it would be nice if you could find a way for her to spend extra time with the children; dinner or something. I can’t order you to do so, but it is the right thing to do. It is your choice, but if you are thinking about the kids, that would be the right decision.” 

So my ex sends an email stating the following, and I am paraphrasing.

“I offer to allow you to pick up the girls from school on Thursday so you can have an extra day with them. In exchange, I would like an extra day during the summer when I visit.” 

This friggin’ DUDE! Extra isn’t synonymous with exchange.

  • Never mind he has the girls during the school year resulting in 70% timesharing.
  • Never mind he already has 25% of the current summer timesharing. 
  • Never mind I traveled 2000 miles to be here for entire week ahead of my timesharing weekend in hopes I could spend more time with them.

My response to him was essentially, should you be in a position during the summer where I can make the same accommodation, I remain open to it (mind you he has never visited the girls in AZ). That wasn’t agreeable to him. 

So that is a No. There is a special place in hell for people of his character and I can only hope that judgment comes and he is faced with the consequence of his being – I can’t call him a human being because that would be insulting to the rest of humanity. 

As my headache grows, I will take two aspirin and call it a day. 


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