Moving on..

Father continues to limit my conversations with my girls. I was able to FaceTime them 3 times in the last month. A total of 43 minutes combined. Father had 720 hours with the children.

Father continues to sabotage the children’s pick up list. He added my number 3 times with the wrong area code on the school pickup form. He refuses to add my husband and older children to the list. This is a complete disregard to the current order. It gives both parents the right to add whomever they chose. However, in the Hillsborough school district the parent that signs the admission form is the only one that can modify the information. When my husband showed up to pick up the girls. He couldn’t. They had the wrong number to call. So then we fall on faith that justice will prevail. We patiently waited. The judge’s decision is in. Again, the court system in Florida ruled against equity and fairness. 50/50 joint custody case with a twist. I live in Arizona. The children live in Florida. I worked so hard to come up with the most equitable plan. I am to fly at my own expense, 1X a month. I get the 75% of the 3 day weekends, every Spring Break, half of the winter break, and every other Thanksgiving. I gave father 24 days of visitation during the summer. I get the rest. Great? No. I made comment of these facts on a previous post.

I am speechless. I lost. The judge granted him more than half the summer which totals 79% timesharing for the ENTIRE YEAR! I am left with no choice to move back to Florida. It comes at great personal cost. My husband and step children will continue to live in Arizona. I cannot imagine how it’’s all going to work. I just know that I cannot allow Father to continue to damage my relationship with my children. I wouldn’t wish my situation on anyone. 

We will continue to keep posting the events of our lives. The sacrifices continue and brings light to our genuine cause to focus on our kids. In a dark alley, no witnesses or cameras…wishful thinking. I love my children more than my hatred for him. So, I am moving on… 


4 thoughts on “Moving on..

  1. Oh my, I commend you for sharing your story. Children will love you no matter what because they are bonded to you. Your husband on the other hand needs your time and attention in order to stay bonded to you. This advice comes from someone with experience choosing kids over marriage and I have regretted it for the rest of my life. your kids will always love you no matter how little you see or talk to them. Focus on your marriage, he may not always be there. Men have needs that if you can not meet then someone else will. Long distance relationships work for kids but not husbands. Think about this, don’t make the same mistake I did.

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    1. I thank you for sharing. I too have a huge concern for my relationship. However, the struggle to communicate with my children is daily. The distance is huge. I find myself not able to enjoy and live my life with my husband and step children because of the pain. If I had the support of their Father, things would be different. He’s damaging them by his actions or lack thereof. I have to motions to hold him in contempt. They will be heard at the end of the summer.


      1. The pain you feel will go away if you change your perspective. I have seen similar situations play out many times. They always seem to end the same way. The couple separates, their relationship fails. The parents and children are separated by distance and other circumstances and because of the BOND you have from birth, when you are together it’s like you pick up from where you left off. I think you know what I mean. I just want to share my life experiences with others like you. Keep the focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have. Easier said then done but if you ultimate goal is to be happy then stay with your husband. You made a promise to him right, it will set a good example for the kids too. I am sure it is not easy but that is not a reason to give up. Good luck, keep us posted.

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