We traveled back to Florida for a long Memorial Day weekend with the girls. This time, we brought friends with us and it has been so much fun. My special Jazzy girl has a performance at Disney World today and we make the trek from the beach up here.

We relied on Dad to provide all the information we would need. We got some but not all (sigh). Sadly, that was to be expected. We made it with time to spare and managed to do some shopping along the way.

We just got a text from the ex (Dad) requesting to speak to Jazzy, which we will gladly oblige because the kids are our focus. Unfortunately, not theirs but my feelings about him should come second. He makes it hard…here is another example of how –

We have an agreement for the summer where he is allowed Father’s Day or July 4th for visitation given we provided 90 days notice and we don’t have plans. Well, since the girls will be leaving earlier this summer based upon the recent ruling, we are taking a full 2 week vacation in June. It happen to coincide with Father’s Day. I reached to Dad and offered an alternative. He declined. Instead, he requested Father’s Day. Keep in mind, for the last 4 years, he has NEVER taken timesharing during Father’s Day.

I don’t want to take away from him but I will damned if he will interrupt our 2 week vacation with all the kids. I offered for him to have time on Saturday until Monday, but he insisted on the WHOLE weekend. Because he was unwilling to accept my suggested option, he misses out. So sad…see what I am dealing with for the next 9 years?! Ugh


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