Steadfast in our belief

So, the next fight is ahead of us tomorrow in court. We hope the court will rehear all of our outstanding motions for contempt (communication interference), reconsideration of Summer timesharing and child support. Wish us luck! 
Short but sweet. Hopefully, it’s not bitter. Like the crane sitting on this perch, we stand steadfast in our belief the kids are our focus.


4 thoughts on “Steadfast in our belief

  1. I have been following your blog. Hope things went your way. Everything happens for a reason. Thank you for sharing, it helps me get through a similar situation.


    1. Thank you. The court hearing went about as good as expected. The ex tried to portray himself as a saint and we spent the time calling his BS. Ultimately, he general magistrate agreed that the constant discourse is largely a result of arguments over the syntax of the agreements. He shed some insightful light on our situation. I didn’t let him squirm. I didn’t let him lie. The outcome is sill pending the magistrate’s decision in a week or so. Until then…we wait.

      Hope our stories help others.


  2. Wow, it sounds like everything did go your way! Congrats. Sometimes I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. It takes so much strength to keep fighting. Thank you for the blog, it encourages me to keep fighting for what I believe is right.

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