Phones are meant to be used

At year end on 2013, I decided to purchase a communication device for my girls and me to talk and FaceTime on. My older of the two just turned 9 years old. I know what you’re thinking. She’s so young to haul around a $500 iPhone. She drops everything, what if? I feel the benefits to interact with them via FaceTime outweigh the financial burden and sacrifice. 
Yes. I understand there are other face to face phone tools and Apps. It’s my experience the connectivity is much better with FaceTime. Also, the conversations are intimate without game distractions, etc. 

Therefore, I pay for the phones and service for us to talk. It is my choice to elect the method of communication. After two motions of contempt for lack of communication on July 28, 2016 the courts agree. The judge asks, “why does it matter what she (me) wants to use to talk to the children?” No answer 

My ex goes on a road trip on July 29, 2016 with my girls. He intentionally left the iPhone devices at home. He says the phones weren’t working. I would think if this were true, it warrants a phone call. He decided not to communicate with me. Instead, he had the girls call me from his phone to tell me after departing. So they say, “mom, we couldn’t bring our phones.”

So, again.. Countless of requests by me to have my girls communicate with their phones… Handful of calls to Apple to reset locked and manipulated devices by their father… 2 judges.. 2 motions in contempt.. and 1 day after court.. He plays the same game. The same song. The same actions that will someday cost him his daughters’ respect and love. 

Optimism pool is dry. 


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