Kind of down in the dumps

I swear…it seems like it will never cease! Today was the 1st day of practice for our 9-year old’s competitor soccer season. My ex (Mom) was responsible for signing her up. One would expect her to share the information with me considering I am going to be responsible for getting her to and from practice and games half the time. 
But what do you know, I get a text from her yesterday saying, “Practice starts tomorrow at 530pm.” 

Me: “Great. I didn’t get any information. please send me the email.”

Her: “I sent it, I think.”

Me: “Don’t see it. Can you resend?”
So, knowing I had to get my ducks in order, I contacted the organization directly. They shared with me that they sent information months ago to be ready for the season.  
We arrive at practice to find all the girls in uniform. Our daughter was one of 2 girls in street clothes. I could tell she was kind of embarrassed. Grrrrr….
Mom arrives to practice late and her first statement to me is, “oh I ordered her uniform and it should be here tomorrow.” According to the coach, orders are on back order and if they weren’t ordered in June, it will be another month! Ugh. 
To date, I am still waiting for the email information from Mom. 
Apparently, they are still missing forms too! So, I am forced to get duplicate information and forms filled out so our daughter can play. So tiresome to deal with a professional adult (She is a CEO of a company) and have to deal with such juvenile behavior.  
Oh…and she went to school to revise the revisions I made on Monday to the school emergency card and profile. Cripes! Calgon take me away!
Someday this will be a distant memory. Today it’s s pain in my hind quarters. Kind of down in the dumps…this too shall pass. The thing is it is hurting the kids not me!


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