So much worse…

It’s worse than we thought…

We pick up the girls on Friday, the little one first. She divulges in the course of our conversation her father (the ex) was video taping them before they left for school that morning. To which we were totally shocked. In fact, we asked her to repeat it. She repeated it adding, “We do that every time we come to your house to make sure we don’t have any cuts or bruises.”

This all stems from the fact the girl’s father refuses to take accountability or preventative measures to treat a rash on their skin. The little one developed a rash that was contagious (Molluscum contagiosum virus). It is a rash that develops in humid climates. If not treated, it can burst and spread. Two summers ago, she arrived to Arizona with it. We immediately took her to the doctor. The remedy – burn it off with beetle juice. Poor thing was down for days while it healed. I informed Dad to keep an eye out for it to return. He alleged the rash was stress-induced – which is ridiculous. He didn’t. The older one got it too. Ugh. So I took him to court for neglecting his responsibility. The judge suggested we take pictures of the rash before and after travel to ensure we know the condition they are in.
Guess what…the older one still has it. Dad hasn’t taken steps to get it removed. It actually spread to the twins over the summer. Instead, Dad has been video taping her to ensure she doesn’t have cuts and bruises. Clearly not what the judge suggested and I think emotionally damaging to the girls. But wait…it gets worse!!!!!
The little one also shared that she takes “nighttime gummies” to go to sleep. We once again ask her to repeat herself. She does. She shares that her father and his new wife give them both Melatonin in the form of a gummie to go to sleep every night! THAT’S CRAZY!! She has never needed anything when with us. She is an active child but no more active than any other 9 year old. What the heck?! My ex is drugging my 9 year old. And come to find out, my 10 year old too!!! 
This is so much worse that we thought. My ex is drugging and emotionally damaging my daughters. Something has to happen…and soon! 
He is drugging my 9 and 10 year old babies! So upset…Now we are really concerned. 


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